Aliaksandr Khatckevich

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Winter story with a cup of hot chocolate

The idea is great. Two opposite characters, which were collided by fate. It reminds about one movie with Bruce Willis. What do the story has? The slow introduction into the story. They author just take your hand and open a curtain of the world, which created. As a museum that story, and you are viewing every part of it carefully and with understanding of what is happening.
For me personally, I caught phrases, which were good and unusual, but so beautiful, so I wrote them down in my vocabulary. Only once or twice I caught myself on a thought that, maybe, here I would have changed the clause, but it wasn’t often. Sometimes I didn’t understand characters’ behavior, but the good point is I want to understand them, I have questions, and I want to get my answers, that’s why it was interesting to follow the story and scroll it till the end and would like to know the end of the story, because I know the most interesting part is just ahead. Let’s, see where their relationship goes.

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