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I can identify with your story in more ways than one

Very great writing technique. I love it when you engage the reader by asking them questions why they are wondering about your statement.
Second I love the line in the first chapter about how friend tend to leave you when they see you are not skyroketing.
Third, I was once suicidal and from the time I realized I had plenty to enjoy in life I said no. And like you have your closest friend, your pet to keep your hope up, I got a violin and started playing. Its something I had always wanted but could not afford, but when I got it I see practise everytime I feel down and it soothes me. Plus got happier and even made friends I never had, joined a band and my life turned around.

I also pray you are able to get those verterinary hospitals (whatever they are called hahaha) like the Americans and keep generations of the breed.

Thank you Dr. Pupper for your story!

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