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Hello. I'm a hobbyist writer from Finland. I write mainly happy and sappy LGBT romances with sugary happy endings. I'm part of the LGBT community and it shows in my stories.

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So very, very good!

I... Thank you for writing this!

It touched me on so many personal levels it was unreal, not least being the obvious allegories to some personal stuff. And with how and what the characters said, some of it was like straight from my own life. Very realistic characters.

And you did what many, many authors out there do not - me included, unfortunately. You accurately portrayed the initial "oh my goddess, this person is the perfection in all the world", to the "well, she's just a human" - and made it better. Like, when the initial "worship" phase was over and to Isolde's eyes she looked just like any other human like her *it was better than what was before* I loved that so much.

The pacing of the story was just unbelievable too, never boring, never rushing. I really, REALLY need to lear that myself... I always rush things, but you made them last exactly as long as was needed, but no more. It was just a joy to read.

The only real "problem" was that the ending.. the ending... aaaa! It left so much to - not without mention, but so much in the air so that... So.. the sequel? Please? :D

I have read many MANY books, but the way you wrote about these to realistic, yet fantastic people brought this book to my top ten stories I've ever read. The one thing that prevents me from sticking it to the top five, is that it was close, too close to my personal experiences, and... whoa. well, that's part of what made it so great, but still. So accurately displaying the struggles I've gone through...

Thank you.

(Let's see if this browser version let's me post this time, when the app just deleted my original review :sob: )

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