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A Prophesy.

You don't get many of these types of stories.


The first chapter plunges you into the seemingly ordinary life style of a tech-savvy person. You get a hint of the future, but you don't even realize how advanced times became, because you are captured by the stubborn humanity of the main character.

And then it all unfolds - a future close enough to our own technological progression rate, meant to show us that even a hundred years from now on, things can still be perceived for granted to the point that inhabitants in that fictional world do not care.

A search begins, for our main hero - a search, for the re-discovery of what was indeed real, and closer to the ground of our ancestors. The experiment ( simply a hint, not a story spoil) was meant to show us a rapid, and revolutionary advance in the world of technology, yet it is buried under the countless others discovered by humanity.

I felt sympathetic to the main hero. I felt as though he wanted to retain a small portion of the past in the most simplest of things, like smoking a cigarette from "real tobacco".


The loneliness of the man, and his complete lack of "the biological need for love".
A brief, to almost non-existent depiction of large area or group of people.
A lack of expanded emotional spectrum of the main character. ( he should have exampled a more concerned, panicky-feeling from his surroundings, while the validation of his environment continued)

Final thoughts:

This is one of those stories you see yourself into, without the baggage of emotional responsibility. It gives you the sense of being able to feel yourself in a whole different world, but still remembering the convenience and freedom of the old days. To me, personally, it gave me pause - making me remember that no matter how advanced we are, we will still get to worry about the things we grew up with, now wanting them even more than immortality.

An outstanding, heartfelt story for one's self. I greatly recommend it to everyone in search of their own identity. Remember who you are!

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