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Very good piece of writing for a new writer.......

Aditi let me confess that the story is very well written with it's own turns, ups and downs and share of ample surprises. Overall I can say that once I finished reading the story I had fallen in love with its main characters Mishti and Doctor. The plot has been carried nicely. The style of writing the story is very good. The mystery and romance has been captured very well, especially romance part. Many times I thought that you will miss in minute details atleast once in the story viz. describing the weather a little differently than what you had written previously, or timings while describing the time spent by the lead characters in the camp, or something else. But you were impeccable like a connoisseur.

One suggestion: The story flows in the form of paragraphs mostly consisting of 2 or 3 or 4 sentences. The formation could have been more abrupt, erratic and eccentric. That would have added more charm to the story reading experience.

Kudos to you Aditi for this wonderful piece of the story. Loved to read it. Waiting for this story in a book and I am gonna buy atleast 5 copies of the same.

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