C. E. Whitehouse

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Full-time English teacher, opportunistic writer and overzealous reader. I love novelty earrings, cats, Ruby Shoos, virtual cycling challenges and Duolingo. Hallo und danke for reading my work! Adios!

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I loved the premise for this one-shot. You've obviously done your research with regards to the Fae, and you assimilated them into the story beautifully. The technical quality of your piece, however, could be improved on. For example, you use capitals unnecessarily in places, and forget to use them in others. You also neglect to include pertinent information, or fail to expand on themes that could elevate your writing's impact on the reader. I feel that 'Sorcas an Faeries' could be a truly mesmerising piece if you were to tweak your style a little, and include more sensory detail.

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