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Gilford, New Hampshire

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Fantastic, clever story!

This is an incredibly unique fanfiction from a clearly talented writer. The story goes from serious to silly in a masterful way, and there is exceptional attention to detail throughout. Not only has the writer created likable original characters, she has also captured the essences of canon characters with great talent. The story has dozens of nods to the source material that Jurassic fans will appreciate, but far from relying on these to drive the tale forward, it strides confidently in its own direction, keeping the plot fresh and original. The range of tone throughout varies from intense to adorable to ridiculous without difficulty in a way matched by few other works. Combining a smart (and highly enjoyable!) science fantasy plot with a background rich in detail and full of respect for the source material, this is not just the silliest Jurassic Park fanfiction ever written, but also one of the most inspired, and one of the most worth reading.

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