Cormac McGrane

Wicklow, Ireland

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Don't Stop Now

You know the feeling. The words have sucked you in and painted images in your head that just fit. The characters and the plot is growing on you. There is a sense of a past and something bigger, but it manages elude you like a shadow in a storm. And there is a storm, you can feel it. It is outside of this story but you know it is there.

It is a good sign when a writer leaves you wanting for more. You want them to elaborate, fill in the gaps, keep going . . .

As the first piece of writing from Kate that I have had the pleasure of reading, I have to say I am impressed. A few little typos, but you can't blame the writer, I know how hard it can be to spot your own typos, that's why the professionals use Editors, readers and reviewers to polish their work before it is published.

However, minor typos aside, I liked the style. It was different and younger to what I'm familiar with, but within a few paragraphs I got used to it too. The writing just flows and it works for me. Thanks, looking forward to reading more.

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