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I'll start by saying I'm a very plot and character driven individual but this story isn't complete! So my views on this book are probably subject to change as it progresses.

It has potential. The writing style is detailed, and dramatic while also clear so that you don't miss anything regarding the MCs thoughts on things. The grammar and punctuation are good! Although I feel there were too many unanswered questions, but again, I know this book isn't complete.

I think it's important to give a reader a hook, and this one definitely has one, but at the same time i think you might want to give the reader some more information to go off of.
Like slight hints on why she's writing the letter, it's clear she fears them growing apart but why? Her sister and her have a bitter relationship and she doesnt seem to like her mom, why is that? Early on it mentions the MC gets stuck in drama at school despite being quiet and not that type of person, but it doesn't expand on it.

Again, the book is only beginning from what i can tell so don't take this badly. It definitely has potential, though i suggest adding more hints to what happened to give the reader a clearer picture and wanting to know more. The MC thinks to herself a lot, which is a perfect scenario for thinking back on events to give the reader more clarity.

Hope this helps <3

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