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Queen of Rogues

Queen of Rogues is a Fantasy/Erotica written by Sorren. The story is based on Kiera, an Alpha daughter. She was sent to save her pack but make choices that could change everything.

This is a short fast paced story that didn’t leave any plot holes in the process. It’s also not the normal unwanted/Slave(Omaga) Wearwolfe story. Kiera is a normal girl put into a hard spot, and is forced to make choices in the moment. Due to these choices she is forced to live with the consequences later in the story. There were a few grammatical errors that were noticeable but did not impact the story heavily. Overall I liked the story, I might even read the next one since there are 2 more stories in the series

You like werewolves story with the mating seen are erotic then check this one out.

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