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I thoroughly enjoyed Hattie McCoy and the Soul Wells:! I've not read a young adult novel for a long time that I thought was anything but formulaic and a bit boring, until now. It's nice to read something that is smart, not predictable and fun as well as full of interesting characters that you can become invested in, and imagine clearly.
Hattie McCoy is a likable heroine but she's a true character who you feel is real and you want to find out more of what's happening to her. This is a great quality in a central character.
The Villians of the story (Vermilla Scurrion, Munders and others) were actually a bit scary and believable and were painted in brilliant hues, as were the monsters of this piece. One thing that is often experienced in a novel that involves a large group of children is that they tend to all become similar, not so with this work and I think the author should be commended.
The writing had a narrative that made me continually want to read more,
I would love to see this published as a graphic novel with the artwork of Charles Vess illustrating it, and maybe Mike Mignola doing some of the covers.
I hope this is not the last we see of Vermillia Scurrion and Hattie McCoy.
I believe that this author will go far, and I hope to see more from this writer! More!!!

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