Desiree Angelique Kiser

Columbus, Ohio

22. Married. 2 Great Danes. 9 Tattoos. Obsessed with the band RED. Mother to two angel babies; Ash and Riley.

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I have read both of the books in the 'Negative Zero' series and I was blown away by them. From the first chapter I was pulled into the story. With each word Ireland Gills tells the story of a girl that I quickly related to, with great detail and you don't ever get lost. The romance between Hayden and Evika is brilliant! I love the tension between the two as the story goes on and I rooted for them the whole time, hoping and praying that their relationship would move forward in the next chapter. I would recommend this book to teenagers and adults alike. It's an amazing story and I am beyond excited to read the third book in the series!!

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