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lovely story!

Friends! do you have any half an hour leisure time and do you wish to experience the mesmerizing music of Murlimanohar's flute..and wish to dissolve in it, then read this story.This is like a beautiful melody from our Lord's flute.Thank you Payal for giving us this fantastic work.The story was very smooth and serene at the same time it makes some deep traces in our hearts.The author took us to that medieval period and made us to live along with krishnapriya! Krishnapriya such a wonderful character and makes all to love her! within a few words the author brings the whole krishnapriya in front of our eyes and to realize her divine beauty.
All the other characters she designed was very very natural! .I appreciate the way she ended the story..the way she found to save krishnapriya from that devil.I was expecting something supernatural to happen but it was brilliant.
Devdasi women were considered as the most holiest women on one period.During the period of great kingdoms they were given equal rites and respect as the royal women and some of the kings even married devdasi gilrs.They stood first to great kings and they were used as models to sculpt idols..but later they were thrown into the streets.Here the pain and agonies of such a Devadasi was written very well.Hats off to the author.

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