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Success Is the Best Revenge , Learn from your Mistakes.

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A serious Find!

Luna has written a real page ripper.

Without spoilers , I can only say that from the prologue to the climax you will be enraptured in a world with vivid characters and clever metaphors. The style is something quite new and edgy when compared to the current top 10 list for fiction. A Steely and sleazy yet seductive villain, a sultry protagonist with a mission that's now personal. A novel where the female lead character can hold her own in a world with a male dominated Spy Vs Spy feel is no easy find in the current literary world . The Author paints pictures with her words and gives us insight into each motivated member of her well thought through plot.

A fun read great for those looking for something other than the Zombie vs survivor or Vampire vs Misanthrope of the week or Radiated dystopia dominated list of e books and Audio-play formats ... A must read!

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