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Enchanted by Angels

One of the most enchanting and magical stories I've ever read all my life. I could hardly put down the book while reading. I really loved the character of the angel, Sophiel and the strong bond between her and Elijah, the Dark Angel. During the book we learnt the past of Elijah, so we could understand him, his life and his motivation much easier. Sophiel has to learn all the human skills and handle her new feelings, and it's really good to follow her on this way.

The writer made a fantastic job. I could see her magical, but also really realistic world in front of my eyes. I was blown away during reading. And to tell the truth, the book itself is also wonderful. I read the original version, and the cover, the bookmark and the quality of the papers were fantastic. And 1 more important thing, that the grammar in the book was perfect. I really hate when there are a lot of misprints and grammar mistakes in a text. But this book was awesome.

I can really recommend this book to everybody, who wants to experience the world of angels, likes to be part of the battle of the good and the bad, and also for everybody, who wants to be charmed by Sophiel and Elijah romance. :)

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