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I love to write, Don't you? My mind is active, my fingers are too. I love my family (six kids) and my wife. I'm a narrator as well as an author and mostly write YA/Children's Stories

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dark and sultry

This story is original, mostly enjoyable and the characters are fantastic! Most, with their own secrets and hidden agendas. It kept me guessing as to 'why'? And, how? Although many clues are sprinkled along the way, if you're sharp enough to pick them up.
As a whole, I really enjoyed this story but found some areas that were difficult to follow; particularly where there were 'time and character POV changes'. There were also a few mistakes, not so much in typos, rather, placement of words, but not detrimental. Heck, no one will ever get it right so I think Leannem has done very well! I'm just wanting to help. There is a section that the author does need to correct though. This may be a little spoiler, so read with care... at one point, one of the mystery men (Rodriguez) fakes a stutter, and then later, another mystery man (Stephano) has the stutter. Other than that it is brilliant and vivid! Much better than any 'pride and prejudices'.
If you're a fan of romance, fantasy and historic fiction, then this is the next novel to read.

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