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Hey, this is the author here. I tried to be very creative with how I used the Narrator as a character in the story, and I tried to make the story both funny and exciting. Star Cat is a strong, confident, young lady-cat who finds herself in an unfortunate situation. She ends up being thrown into an adventure to escape the clutches of an evil king, and she meets many new friends and new enemies along the way. When her mother, Momma Cat, realizes that Star Cat is missing, she sends Star Cat's brothers, Chris and Jon, to go find her and bring her back before dinner time. So, I also think the story is fun because not only do you get to follow along with what is happening to Star Cat, but you also get to follow the adventures that her silly brothers have along the way. Oh yeah, and there's a gooey green alien too! Who doesn't love aliens? Anyways, I want to thank you in advance for reading my book. Unfortunately, Inkitt doesn't allow authors to add illustrations because I have made many colorful and detailed illustrations for this story. If you are interested in my fun artwork, the illustrated version of this ebook is available on Amazon for only $2.99. Just be sure to search for "The Mis-Adventures of Star Cat." Thank you, and happy reading!

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