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Beautifully written

I’m so glad I found this book. I’ve read the prologue and first 2 chapters and I’m hooked.

The prologue set the tone for a good old fashioned romance story that satisfies, starting in childhood. Mamoru is lost and lovable, the only survivor of a car accident that’s taken his parents. Sarah is determined to protect him. They bond on the worst day of Mamoru’s life.

In the following chapters, the relationship takes shape through storytelling as the present unfolds. Mamoru is in love with Sarah and adores her, she’s always been his bright spot and when you read the story, it’s easy to see why he feels that way. Sarah is sweet, gentle and kind but there’s a rock solid trustworthy aspect to her personality - she’s stuck by him for years.

What I like most is the writing style. It’s lilting and way more literary than genre style, there’s a lushness to the flow I really enjoyed. Both characters are likeable and I want to know how it unfolds. They’re in the late teens in the present and of course life at that age gets very complicated, very quickly. Something will keep them apart and I’m looking forward to reading how it unfolds.

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