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  • Get published with GALATEA!

    Your book could be GALATEA’s next bestseller. See how we will transform your story into immersive fiction when you get published on GALATEA

  • What is GALATEA?

    GALATEA, Inkitt’s sister app, is the world’s fastest-growing reading app with hundreds of thousands of active users consuming over six million episodes per month. Working with a team of over 20 Hollywood screenwriters, GALATEA adapts original stories on Inkitt into unique immersive experiences for readers by enhancing them with chat fiction, sound effects, visual effects, and haptic feedback.

    You can check out GALATEA by downloading it for free from the App Store or Google Play Store.

  • What GALATEA authors think...

    Publishing through Galatea first and foremost brought my stories more exposure. I got new readers who invested their time into my stories on Galatea to the extent of them finding my Inkitt profile to read my other stories.

    Galatea also provided me with information about how my readers take to my stories, something that I wasn't as aware of before, and it makes me so happy to know people all over the world support me through Galatea

    Sapir Englard


    So, as an author, you may have expectations for your book, and then you have some delightful surprises that come along the way. I think the other authors will agree with me here in that Galatea is definitely one of those surprises.

    I never imagined my book being on a platform like this before, and it’s a beautiful thing to see it come to life with the soundtrack and sound effects (currently typing this on the bus and trying not to be too visibly emotional from Mateo Santiago Episodes 31 and 32).

    Anyway, I guess what this boils down to is a thank you to the Galatea team on my behalf, as well as to everyone who has given Mateo Santiago their time of day. I’m super amped to try and get more books onto Inkitt and hopefully onto Galatea as well. 🤗❤️

    Katlego Moncho

    Author of R. City here 😁 I just read through the draft of REQUIEM CITY Season 2 for Galatea and its SOOOO GOOD should be about 4 weeks-ish before its released, and that’ll be another 30 fresh episodes of Madeline Hael and Loch. I literally cried it was so good. Thank you Galatea Team for the adaption 🥰 Also now is a great time to read Season 1 if you haven’t checked it out yet 😉

    Chrystyna Swallow
  • What users say about GALATEA…

    I am so absorbed into these books… bye bye Netflix 😊
    Shannan Penisione, 09th April, Facebook Group
    Next paycheck, I’m spending on points and binge reading The Arrangement…
    I have no shame 😂 😂 🙏 ❤️
    Jessica Jessica, 6th March, Facebook Group
    The Millennium Wolves has me hooked!!! I am a true book junkie. Waking up at 7am every day to catch the next chapter!!
    Kroo Kse, 31st March, Facebook Group
    I love this app. It completely changes reading with the sound effects and music. Sometimes the background gives some sort of visual. It takes reading to a new dimension!
    Redrose0912, 9th April 2019, iOS
    Once you start Galatea, there’s no turning back, my friend.
    Jae Seul, 27th March, Facebook Group
    Love this app it’s very interactive and brings life to the books your reading. Definitely would recommend it.
    Paris 156, 9th April, iOS
    There’s something wrong with me, I just woke up at 7 on a Saturday so I can keep reading 😂 😆 😂
    Susa Selle, 30th March, Facebook Group
    So far I love this app, but it does keep you up all night because you always want to keep reading the next chapter.
    Jennilove23, 4th April 2019, iOS
  • How do I get on GALATEA?

    A step by step guide

    Millenium Wolves cover
    1. Upload your work on Inkitt
    2. Get as much reader engagement as you can. (Reads, likes, shares, comments)
    3. Our unique algorithm analyzes all stories and will choose the book with the best and most engagement
    4. Our highly professional GALATEA publishing team will reach out to you
    5. You will get a publishing contract for your work
    6. GALATEA will adapt your story in 1-2 months
    7. Your work will have the potential to grow and then possibly get additional seasons on GALATEA!
  • What does it mean that GALATEA will ‘adapt’ my story?

    As GALATEA is a one-of-a-kind immersive fiction app, we know exactly how people love to read stories when they use it. GALATEA’s professional writing team will adapt your work with this in mind. This means, they will edit your story to fit better with how GALATEA readers behave and read on&nbsp;the&nbsp;app.

    Everything regarding the editing process will be openly discussed and explained up front with authors, to make sure you are in touch with every step of the publishing process from signing the contract, to seeing your story live on the app!

    Authors don’t need to worry about editing, proofing or re-writing any part of their work to fit with the app, as our team of Hollywood writers will take care of this for you to transform your work into immersive fiction.

  • How much can I earn as an author with GALATEA?

    Our top Galatea author earned up to €7,000 from publishing their work on our app last quarter and their earnings are increasing every month.

    As GALATEA is a young app that is growing fast, authors with published work are seeing their royalties increase monthly as our user base grows. Better yet, this is expected to continue!

  • What does everyone else have to say about GALATEA?

  • GALATEA’s popularity…

    GALATEA is the fastest growing reading app in the world, on track to becoming the most popular reading app to date. With a quickly growing user-base, who consume over four million episodes per month, posting your work to Inkitt gives you the chance to work with GALATEA in redefining the reading experience for everyone today.

  • You want to be on Galatea?

    Don’t miss out on your chance to get published on GALATEA! All you need to do to get started is to create your Inkitt account and upload your book - it could be our next big GALATEA bestseller - so don’t wait, sign-up today!

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