"I haven't seen the end of myself either. But if there's such a thing, wouldn't it be you? I wanted to be a warm wave, But why didn't I know you're the ocean?"

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Intriguing from the get go

With stories that are set in a dystopian world, it’s very hard to consistently maintain the details but the author does an excellent job at keeping the readers hooked from the beginning.

Given the basic theme of the plot, the story might seem detail-heavy but the chapters are written in a manner that doesn’t leave the readers feeling overwhelmed while still revealing bits and pieces of the world and the characters living in it.

It might seem slightly difficult to keep up with all the new characters that are introduced in every other chapter but the more the story is unveiled, the better you get at connecting the characters to the action happening.

Can’t wait to read how the rest of it plays out! Such a refreshing read!

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