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I'm not much of a reader,,,,

BUT I LOVE THIS! First off, the writing style, I love it. It has a very good balance to it. It's intriguing, keeps you on your toes, the tender lightness between the husband and wife, and the simple important detail. Second, the story line is different and very suspenseful and I love that. The emotion in this story is SO GOOD, very well portrayed. I could feel what the characters felt. THE CLIFF HANGERS! I HATE THEM SO MUCH I LOVE IT! Once a chapter ends I immediately want to go onto the next because i'm eager to know what happens. Third, the ability to completely create your own world is amazing and tough to do, but this is so good. I really like that there are different perspectives, it shows all sides of the story. This story has so much potential, I cannot wait for the chapters to come :)
You are a brilliant writer and I love your imagination. I love what you've written, along with many of your other writings and how you use your words in literally anything! The attention to detail is immaculate ^^ KEEP IT UP SIS! ;)

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