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#BotF I'm sold on this genre now

Born of the Flame engaged me from the start, a frequent reader of historical fiction I don't often read fantasy; however the rhythm of this story moves rapidly and builds upon established conventions of this middle England-esque adventure tale. Yes there are some surprising elements, gags and inspiring similes that can place the reader in company with a Blackadder folly, but at the bare bones of this piece of escapism is the day to day life of Ryden, the insightful detail into living and surviving in this monarchist if realm.

Thoughtfully composed with one or two twisting moments to keep you guessing at the inspirations for this story. Clearly a piece for people with one foot in the past, and a thirst for the 'ye olde worlde' but credible characters and a really well drawn landscape to set this adventure amongst.

The old cliché of un-put-down-able really applied for me with this, a brilliant read on holiday in a hammock, I even cancelled plans to keep reading this. Surely a sequel is begging to be written.

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