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This story is written in an awe inspiring way that some readers might find to be alien like. No story is ever perfect without editing and proofreading and having said that, I will say that The Hour is simply great and will be greater yet after some ironing out.
It takes guts to write the way Frederika Menezes has written because the way she uses the language,  it makes it seem from a real different era and The Hour,  a classic in its own way. 
Some readers have said they like or love the story and even that the story has potential.  That is most important no matter how it's written.  Have they noticed that there is a Glossary at the end of the story? 
Consider an old folk tale. The likes of which I grew up to. The narrative always put me in a delightful trance just like this story and all I cared about is hearing the tale regardless of hiw it was spoken. I feel the same way about The Hour - I want to read it because it's enchanting! I do wish Frederika Menezes all the very best and look forward to her winning this contest and getting her book published!

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