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Twists all the way.

The frame of the story has a beautiful structure on which the narration is spun with twists and turns to
look forward with lots of expectations about the coming chapters.There are many characters in the story line,all woven into intricate style to speak the story in its own way.The protagonist is a pretty dancer who
had sacrificed her own mother to her cousin in the beginning only to lose her husband and finally her own
child also to the villaneous character who happens to be a woman.Many times,it makes one wonder if
such things can happen in real life time,but the author's writing skill has painted the most sensitive issues
in a style that makes one feel and live that moment in real times.There lies her trade mark.One would
want the heroine of the story to settle down to a peaceful life at least inthe end as her mother in the story
wishes.But a surprise awaits us and why she decides so is truly justified.Meera Srikanth should write more such novels in the years to come.

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