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An original and beautifully crafted masterpiece with the best versions of Jane and Maura and their friendship that you will see in print

If you haven't felt compelled to dabble in the Rizzoli and Isles alternative universe, let alone read one with a sprinkling of Sci-Fi, this wonderfully written story could change everything.

Jane and Maura are written beautifully, with a remarkable understanding of their characters. If you are looking for Rizzles you won't find it in this story but I honestly believe that anyone who loves the characters will be hooked on this story.
-It's addictive and grabs you at chapter 1.
-The plot is thrilling and imaginative.
-The sacrificial friendship love that Whitewave42 describes here is, in my opinion, even more profound, beautiful and satisfying than many of the Rizzles stories out there.
-Whitewave42 gives us versions of Jane and Maura that I wish the show portrayed. It's the best version of Jane and Maura- despite the circumstances they find themselves in.
-Its angsty with some of the most beautifully poignant moments I have read. It gets you in the 'feels'.

I hope this compelling and thrilling story gets all of the praise it deserves.

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