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aυтнor/reader🪐 clιcĸ on тнe lιnĸ тo ĸeep υp wιтн мy oтнer ѕocιal accoυnтѕ✨ ιғ yoυ love нorror/тнrιller, ѕтay тυned ғor мy υpcoмιng ѕнorт ѕтory coмιng February 2023….🔮💗

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So this story is about a world with a vampire and half vampire races🩸 We jump right in to meet our complex main character named Rena, who has a tragic past 🥲 The way the author portrays the internal conflict is beautiful 🖤 I’ve always loved a character who feels like a real person with quality human traits. I also love the bit of goriness in the first chapter 🥰 Please read, if you are a thriller/vampire lover like me 💘💘 This author is sooo talented and I’m so excited to see more of her work☺️

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