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The art of pulling me in!

So I read. I read a lot. I can tell you in the first couple of chapters if I'm hooked or I'm going to put it down and never finish it. Well, this story pulls you in and keeps you there!! Waiting to see what our killer will do next. I loved it and the fact that it's part of a trilogy, even better. The only issue I noticed was that in some places the killer's thoughts go from quite articulate to thug to redneck... And while this could introduce a possible multiple personality storyline down the road I found it just a bit flip floppy. One other reviewer mentioned colors, details, more descriptors and they would help paint a picture as well, but even without them you are free to make things appear in your mind as you like. But other than that the only thing that disappointed me was the fact that the killer was a man hehe. But keep writing and I'm sure you'll find some inspiration to write me a female serial killer story. Can't wait for part 2!!

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