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Glad I read this!

I was flicking through random stories today, in aimless search for something that kept my attention for more than a chapter, when I stumbled across yours.

I loved it.
I was confused about some things at first, as I so often am in the introduction to a new culture, but I think the way you gradually explained the world I was looking at was both elegant and neat. The characters all seemed well developed and with depth, each had their own personality - which is so often hard to do! The storyline is intriguing and didn't seem either rushed or dragging.

There were some proofreading issues - a couple of places where information was given and then given again later. I can't remember all the instances, unfortunately, although I do know that Kali told Stonewall she couldn't swim twice and he reacted each time as though he didn't know it.

All in all, I thought this was beautifully written and I was disappointed when I reached the end. I'm desperate to get more of the story!

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