J.S. Golden

I like music and creative writing. Some of my favorites are Mitski, Lorde, MF DOOM, Ab-Soul, EDEN, and The Weeknd. Reading is fun, so I chose to give writing a try.

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My enjoyment for glass

I admire your work for this short piece called glass. It's not the too wordy and delivers the emotions of what it means to be glass. The simplicity of the piece allows plenty of interpretation as well as covering most bases. I also like how it comes back in full circle with the last line connecting to the first. The lines are interchangeable and can still tell the same story even though they are different. My two favorite lines in the piece. The only thing that confuses me is the line "And if I break" does that indicate that the person speaking this poem is also glass? Reading this and the summary of Deadly Storm makes it sound like Deadly Storm will be enjoyable read. Really don't got anything negative to say for the piece since it was short, sweet(ehh maybe not the right word), and to the point. Keep up the amazing work.

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