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Pen name is Juliet, inspired from a famous character of one of William Shakespeare's works. I'm a passionate fan of tragedy and drama.

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The Lost Daughter

Here's my review as a thank you for giving me yours.

I honestly thought that the book is a horror. With the cover and the summary, I was expecting a gruesome plot like murder or monster in the forest.

I was literally at the edge of my seat at each scene. I even thought the girl found was dead ghost girl who died or something like that.

The suspense it gave would have drawn goosebumps on my skin if I wasn't expecting for the worst. I was holding my breath waiting for that scary plot twist behind the trees and bushes and I was both glad and disappointed that there is none.

Glad because my heart didn't jump out of my chest when Freya came back in the end and also disappointed because I was scared for nothing.

Despite that, I love how kinda dark this story is but also light. Just right enough to tease readers to keep anticipating for what is to come.

Kudos to you my fellow author and I hope you could write more stories like this in the future.

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