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Not your typical romance novel.

Erickson-Parks's storytelling skills sparkle brightly in this intriguing piece of highly entertaining work.
Nothing Else Matters will very likely be that special book which sticks in your mind, long after you have finished it, plus in my opinion it has re-read appeal, so you'll probably find yourself going back to it to enjoy it again a second time, then a third time. You may also find it to be one of those books you "just couldn't put down" because of wanting so much to find out what happens next.

How many books can you say you've heard of or read, that have Narcotics Anonymous meetings as one of the settings in their stories? The book is not bland, folks. There are intimacy scenes, shocking scenes, scenes with gentle and precious charm...overall an interesting story as a treat for yourself or as a gift.
This is not a book to be missed.

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