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PTSD can't stop and HEA

This is an emotion-filled read from Robin Rance. Aries suffers from PTSD after his time in Afghanistan. He is ridden with guilt and feels responsible for the deaths of a young Afghan woman, his friend in the army, and his wife, Faith. Tortured by nightmares the author shows the long-lasting effects of PTSD. Fate, or Faith, puts him in the path of Breanna Faith during a remodel he is doing at her job.
Life has put the screws to Breanna also. She's young and carries so much responsibility by caring for her young sister. When all of these characters meet, magic happens. Aries and Breanna are attracted to one another despite an age difference but start out antagonizing each other. Aries often feels his wife, Faith, is guiding his path directly to Breanna. Once Jojo enters the picture all bets are off and the reader know that Aries is going to step up and protect these two sisters. Jojo adds heart and levity to the story.
If you are looking for a emotional, character driven story, this is it. I loved the characters and the emotion of the story.

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