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Spenser meets Highlander

Why Spenser meets Highlander? Because OON is a first person detective story like Parker's Spenser series but with a liberal dash of fantasy.
OON's Danet is not your run-of-the-mill detective. He's a paramedic firmly entrenched in the midst of a deadly mystery.
It's obvious from the way the LeClerc writes that he has some experience in the EMS field. His attention to clinical details is precise and not only approachable but damned funny. I don't know how many times I laughed through this book. Pretty much every time Danet's partner Pete was on the page and then some.
The story never falters, never slows, and leads to a satisfying conclusion that can only be described by as poetic justice.
The writing style is smooth and technical skills super clean.
I definitely recommend this book for anyone who's a fan of first person detective stories, urban fantasy or just plain good stories.

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