Kimberly Winters

New York

Writer living and working in NYC. I have a dog, two roommates, and a tendency to become a hermit. 🙃 I love telling stories and hope you enjoy the ones I share with you. XOXO

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Flight 118: A Woman’s Future

I love this story and how you’ve told it. I couldn’t put it down! My only wish was to have the stakes be even a little higher. It felt like too easy of a resolution for such a hard and tough world you’ve created. I also would have loved Emilia to struggle just a little more with the reality of her new situation.

In general I wanted more!! I wanted more detail. More tactile feeling and tastes and smells. I wanted to know every character inside and out which is a testament to your wonderful ability in storytelling. ❤️. Grammar-wise: there are a few places where the wording is awkward or a word is misplaced. as well as sometimes it waffles between past and present tense where it shouldn’t. Perhaps having someone look over it instead of a spell check (I know the computer can sometimes miss those kinds of things). I LOVED THIS BOOK❤️ well done!

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