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I am a married mother of too many babies, both two and four legged. I enjoy the finer points of life, drawing, painting, writing, sleeping.

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The Heart of London

In "A Dying Man's Wish", we met the Donatos. In this story, their love and lives continued. Like the story of her parents and grandfather, Loni's story is just as amazing. This story is wonderful! Heidi Mae is so amazing and talented. She weaves the story together that feels like you are right there, next to the characters as they face their struggles. There are so many words to describe the talent and pure journey that is "The Heart of London": Joyful, sorrow, triumph, forgiveness, love and family. I laughed as much as I cried tears of pain and of joy while reading this. The introduction of the newest members for the family, and the return of familiar faces only made this story even greater. This story is a treat to be shared. As a parent, a daughter, a sister, and a friend, Loni's journey to not give up, is simply awe inspiring!
The pacing of this story was perfect timed. The characters were all strong, individuals with depth that made them relatable. The struggled of Loni's parents, knowing their daughter is sick and unable to help. The grief of Gus and Stacey was tender and heartbreaking while it was pure. The introduction of Manny and his mother are a welcome addition to the family. The strength of Lissa is beyond words and is a model for bravery.

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