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I must say I was captivated chapter after chapter, word after word. My eyes were glued to my phone, in anticipating the next chapter. From love of another, to dealing with demons and letting go, the sheer descriptiveness of the raw feelings and intense emotions definitely paints a picture.

Feelings of exhaustion, depression, sorrow, grief, loss, pain, hurt are seen however mixed in is passion, lust, hope, trust and desire. For me I believe that the author has described all these feelings and emotions in such a way it speaks to me.

The way the demons were described was chilling as I read I swear I could see my breath, the intensity of explaining shook me to my core, the hurt I felt the intensity resonated within me, as I read there was darkness that gave me chills however there was hope. Feeling of struggle but hope none the less.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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