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Absolutely Fantastic!

Let me start off with the writing. You write so well, you really take writing to a whole new level. The descriptions, the character development, the flow, etc. just so many things to say about your writing. I didn't even notice it was over till it was. I never wanted it to end. You paint such an amazing picture and I am truly fortunate to have read your story. That's the kind of feeling you give a reader and a reader cannot ask for anything more from such an amazing writer.

You never made the character "too" perfect. She had her flaws, everyone did. But the way you described how her love for these two men was different. It was brilliant. I, myself, have a difficult time with writing "different" ways to love, but you do it so beautifully. You didn't need to overemphasize or overexaggerate one relationship from the other, just showing the difference got the message across and it was strong. Her love for both men are strong in their own ways and it's great. She's well connected too. I just love how intricate the story is. And how the laws and union, marriage was more than a tax purpose, it was sacred. Not like it was unable to be tainted, but their way of handling divorce and the rules, it was really nice to see and read.

The grief that she felt, man, I felt it. That's how great you are. I was reading this when she was reading the letter, it broke me, I felt for her, for him. The pure love you saw through her eyes, through the letter, it was astonishing. Thank you for that. Just her knowing she won't be able to love again, it's so understandable. Losing someone you love that much must have been so difficult but it just showed her character.

Your description of her new relationship was amazing as well. She didn't forget her husband or replaced him, no, he'll always be there, in her mind, he'll always have a part of her. But she's starting a new life and not because she has a new love, but her new love is just a part of her new life. She started life without her husband and no malice towards it at all, she is doing something Felipe wanted her to do and like i said, the understanding of John, the ability to love again, it's a beautiful thing. And it's not like she's cheating on John by still loving Felipe, he just understand the connection between the two. The scene with her talking to Felipe, it was so great. The love is still there and she doesn't feel like she's doing him wrong, cause he'll always be a part of her, no matter what. It's a shame she had no body to bury. And by the way, I love how she respects her husband too, Tiger, I mean, I'm glad that she knows that he has his limits.

So happy they had a daughter too, it's so amazing. Ariella is a beautiful name.

Thank you for sharing such a lovely story.

Can't wait for your update.

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