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Dream of Embers

What a great read with a number or delightful surprises! This includes the development of the characters and the author's ability to create a vivid picture of each character without obvious effort. The author successfully took me on the journey of his story, touching so many emotions varying from sadness to laughter, the humor, the sense of loyalty and bravery, commitment to a cause and love for animals and "creatures" - all these elements came through in the ingenious skill and imagination.

I enjoyed reading about Kaell, Metrus, and Brunick (my favorite), and many others, the writing style clearly managed to depict intellectually more challenging brainteasers and mysteries as well as simple yet important events including conversations, meals and even drinking tea which bolster the story perfectly and proves to be very important.
The "action" scenes are real page turners, excellent descriptions, nail biting good. Nice twist in the story and I am very excited about the potential of more books to come - based on a great ending to a story that is definitely worth reading!

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