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I'm a television maker and write fiction for younger readers in my spare time. I enjoy reading and creating stories that are flights of fancy across a world we can still recognise as ours.

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It would be wrong on so many levels to award my own book 5 stars in every category, not least because this would suggest that I can't do even better work on the planned sequels, THE UTTERLY AMAZING BUMBLING-BOY VS. THE MICEMAN, THE UTTERLY AMAZING BUMBLING-BOY VS. CYBERNAN and THE UTTERLY AMAZING BUMBLING-BOY VS. SANTA CLAWS.
However, because I am a writer dedicated to truth, I am taking the 5 star route because I like to think The Utterly Amazing Bumbling-Boy has something to tell us about how everyone can be a little bit super; because the story is funny and exciting and sometimes both at the same time (and you can't say fairer than that); and because, quite frankly, it is an utterly amazing debut middle grade action and comedy novel for children and the adults in their lives.
So there.
And also because my ghastly villain the Green Bogey (aka nutjob school caretaker, Mr Green) tells me that if I don't award 5 stars I will be added to his LIST OF VICTIMS WHO MUST DIE HORRIBLY.
Let's get ready to Bumble!

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