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The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.”

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My first time review someone ,I am not a critic my self ,But this piece is unique, I love it The girl is a rebel its rare to see this kind of stories now a days its worth to read .....Sorry not finished everything i stop in midway because I am tired I review this 12pm midnight luckily I drop a review for this ....I know your a good writer and Gonna be a best writer one day,I can feel your dedication your time,emotion, and many more...keep it up ,inspired more people,be the best what could this world might offer to people ...Be the best in your unique way ,I know you always work hard... I am someone you know so I Can't introduce myself I bit shy, that's why I could tell.... sorry can't give 5 star :) still your work is vivid don't worry :) you could be a reincarnation of Jose Rizal .. you know me,I always their for you.. I did my best to critic your work I hope I day this chapter published.. no entire stories once finished will be published.....

I forward to see your next stories

Not a professional critic so my grammar bit rude..
-Brandon Sol

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