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As brutal as can be

The story was overall amazingly penned down. I loved how the story transitioned from the lavish city of London to the war torn Aleppo. Even though the story had some loopholes in some places, it made me contemplate failing in chemistry, because I was up all night glued to my mobile screen rather than my books. I was captivated by the poetry the author used, and also the personal touch added to the story by her own life experiences. The ending was totally unexpected and an amusing element of surprise.

I've already suggested this book to almost all of my friends, and also highly recommend it to anyone seeking a short, gripping story which will force them to seek the touch of humanity the people have lost towards the ongoing wars.
I can't help but give this story 5 stars in most of the fields, and only after minutely recapitulating every detail from it have I deducted a single star from the overall rating.

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