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I liked where this story was going originally, but the lack of consistency with characters’ behavior and their personal growth really irked me. Fern could have been likable. But she really threw the baton and it shot clear to space.

In all seriousness, was death really the answer? They didn’t even try to come up with a solution to this power struggle against the healers.

Another irritation of mine that was very obvious throughout this story, WHY DOES EVERYONE LACK INTELLECT? It’s like no one can think for themselves, even the so-called ‘Alphas’. They don’t know how to have a conversation or even manipulate correctly. The only decent individual here is probably Lord Asher, but he’s a vampire so I suppose that speaks for itself. Maybe he’s the mastermind behind the mass suicide. Hell, throw a bone and these dogs will chase. And Xander definitely chased right into the trap.

This story has a lot of potential. But it’s bombarded by the typical plot holes and cliche. The dialogue with chemistry is decent, but dialogue outside of that is—sorry—trash. There’s no real purpose here. Nothing I can take that can inspire me to be a better individual. Suicide is a sore topic to touch. The message I’m receiving from this story is to just give up. Don’t think for yourself and just give up. Don’t look for new solutions, just give up. Don’t grow and be better or smarter, just give up. Don’t try to fight your harsh life, just give up.

That bothers me intensely because I don’t believe anyone should ever just ‘give up’. I understand this is a very angsty story but there is a difference between angst and filler. Having Fern encourage a mass suicide was a weak standing and incredibly irrational. It almost made it seem like the author was quick to end this short novel and the only way to do that was to have the main heroine kill her self.

Hopefully the author takes this message in a positive manner. She’s got great potential and she’s not afraid to dive right into the messy bits of shock and maturity. That is one thing I really liked about the story was that despite its common influences from other werewolf novels online, it can actually carry on its own very well should the author decide to get serious with this novel and make it something worthwhile.

Best of luck & I look forward to seeing more.


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