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An solid, interesting start.

I like this story and how it's going, but I have a world-building comment-ish thing and a world-building question-ish thing.
The comment is that Romy seems to be rather passive; other make choices and got to go off and do things (specifically, her husband goes and attends meetings) while she stays back in their rooms. I /think/ that this is because that's her /place/, culturally speaking, but you haven't made that clear yet.

The question is about the Matchmakers and the matchmaking ceremony -- you said that each continent has its own set of Matchmakers. Is that only one set for each continent? I ask because there are certain logistical considerations inherent in their work -- for instance, how many people are there? How many matches are made a day? How many ceremonies? Does everyone get their own this-is-why-it's-a-good-match speech? How long does that take? I ask because if the population is too large, then the Matchmakers will have to end up doing nothing but attending ceremonies.
I'm guessing that the Match is formalized some time around their 18th birthday, but how much of a fudge factor is there? Do some people have to wait longer for a good match, or are you stuck with choosing from those who are born within a certain time frame from you?
What happens if someone is widowed? Do they get matched again, or is that it? Is divorce allowed? Separation? What happens if one of the people is abusive? (The answer might be that yes, it happens, but society says 'that never happens' and ignores i when it does.)

The other thing I noticed is that the characters seem to be more self-aware than most, which I like. I especially liked that Romy actually wondered why they had been sent away from everything that was familiar, and Henry remarks that maybe they think that they will be forced to confide in each other. The ploy itself is rather transparent (and very realistic), but usually, the characters don't see the ploy at all, and I like that yours did.

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