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Beyond Certain Boundaries

It took only a few paragraphs to "hook me" and keep me riveted throughout the remainder of the story. I have read very little if any "short stories" since "Dandelion Wine" and my freshman year in college in the early 70s - this one measures up with the best of them.

The author assumes some degree of sophistication of the reader, but little a reasonably educated person would be lacking. He has that special knack of drawing the reader in at a profoundly personal level - investing him/her in the main characters - not only what happens to them but how they feel, their desires - everything that makes them human.

It has been a very long time since I read a story that made me cry - but this SOB pulled it off - and brilliantly.

I would read ANYTHING this guy writes.

Michael Blood, College Instructor, Anthropology

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