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The legend of wrath

To review this book I must say I'm German so mistakes in grammar or something like that are going mostly unnoticed by me.
Overall I love this book. It's amazing and I like the authors writing style. I couldn't stop reading. Even though I'd like it even more if the point of view were clearer and not changing so fast. I get it, its written in all knowing pov but nonetheless I think the story would improve if for example the pov of arts mom was cut out. Instead of focusing solely on the love story of art and Wrath I focused more on the whole thing. The surroundings and people because I expected that there'd be a change of pov any minute. To be fair I have to say that I love it if you have both views(male and female) but in my opinion it's a little distracting to also have Sols. But this way it's more.... Open(?) and not so closed to solely the story of the two of them and that's a little distracting.

Concerning the plot I have to say I'm a little... Confused because it's the time flow or whatever you call it isn't quite clear to me. The passing time isn't completely coherent. I hope it is just because I missed something or stuff. Except for this I absolutely love the plot and the fact that is somewhat different of all the other stereotypical werewolfstories.
I love the story with the sins its just lovely how accurate the story is plotted. It really captured me by how it all was connected and each and every person seemed to have his own story to read and guess about.
To sum it up I can say I love the story and writing but there are some little things to be improved.

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