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Sometimes the Things Left Unsaid Say It All

Before I begin my review of this story I would just like to say **DISCLAIMER** I did not come up with the title of this review on my own but rather I read it somewhere (I can't remember where) and thought that this is the quote that sums up my feelings after reading this enchanting story. To begin my review, I would like to point out that I am neither philosopher nor an experienced writer but just a hopeless romantic teenage girl trolling on the internet for stories that distract me, for a few glorious hours, from my otherwise uneventful life. I discovered fanfiction/original fiction about 2 years ago. As an avid reader, I did what any bibliophile would do... I poured over hundreds of multi chaptered fanfictions. Many of them made me roll over laughing, many kept me depressed for days, many made me want to punch my computer screen (this was when I found an abandoned story), but very few stuck. I believe that a large part of what it means to be human is to learn from telling stories. Whether it is from your church/temple/mosque/synagogue etc. teaching you stories about gods/prophets to inspire you to become the best person you can be or whether it be your parents telling you how they fell in love so you are inspired to search for something similar. My point is that we have all heard/read/experienced different stories in our life that shape who we are, how we think, what we believe in, and what are hopes and dreams are for the future. Every story that sticks, shapes our personality and eventually a small portion of the story becomes a part of who we are. This story is one of those. It is so witty and enchanting, every word is written to perfection. This story's views on love, friendship, death, and even endings are hauntingly beautiful. They do not just distract you from life but rather forces you to analyze your own life and teaches you to be a better person. "The Ones Left Behind" reminds you of the messages that the great JK Rowling herself wrote in Harry Potter. Sudowoodo does a fantastic job with not only presenting us with extremely well rounded characters, a great plot, and a masterful command of the English language but also a message about life in general. One advice I would give to any person reading the "The Ones Left Behind" is to focus on the bigger picture (but the small plot points in this story are RIDICULOUSLY charming as well). Overall "The Ones Left Behind" does not fail to disappoint... you will laugh, cry, punch your computer screen in anticipation, awwwww when the time comes, AND you will be thrown into the world of Holly Comstock, one of the most beautifully written original characters I have encountered in a long time. Criticizing any piece of work is easy but sometimes reviewers come across a fanfiction that silences them. Words cannot truly describe how amazing this fanfiction has made me feel (I hope this review can put just an iota of my overall feelings into words). Thank you Sudowoodo, for giving me the pleasure of reading one of the finest stories I have read in a long time, and for changing who I am with "The Ones Left Behind."

The Ones Left Behind gets an O :)

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