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I found ‘Wolf Unhinged’ by Matt Lovell via that lovely ‘Random Story’ button. ‘Wolf Unhinged’ is a quirky, funny story and a great short read between work and more work. It is an excellent brain break and makes you think of the Little Red Riding Hood story from a different perspective.

I love the voice Lovell has chosen to use and the dialogue flows well and makes me grin. I almost didn’t see the end coming.

I think the concept of setting the story in modern day is an interesting idea. You can read into it a comment on society and the justice systems across the world. Sending the wolf to jail and making him go to therapy for his crimes against Red is very modern. I like that he is unrepentant and continuously tries to divert the therapist with made up complaints and personal issues.

People who like novels by Derek Landy and Joseph Delaney with a darker humour will enjoy this twisted fairytale follow up, just don’t expect a happy ending.

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