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A Blissful Saga of LOVE

What an awesome story… really amazing….
This story is a journey of two soulmates who are brutally departed to live like that, the past plot is painful but then the story starts and u impatiently wait for their meeting and once they met the real fun begins… it start capturing ur senses and u slowly it makes u greedy (this is true with me at least… I used to wait crazily for the updates…)
Many supporting character come along but they all just add to the progress and takes story ahead brilliantly…. Not for a minute it make u feel bored… I have to applause the writer here, she is just brilliant in creating perfect balance of everything be it love, angst, romance, fun, their cute fights and just everything. This story really made me relive all the sweet memories associated with this even more sweeter couple… although there are some dark portions also but the way our couple come out of it gives u a strange calm and everytime u fall a little more for them….
I am not narrating any specific moment but all I can say is that this story is a really crazy ride and something u will love to fall in love with…. Well this is the first story I got addicted to and tbh I don’t want to get over it… strange but true… slowly u start wishing that it never finishes but it have too… but to all who want to take a dip in the true soulful love it is worth the read.
A big thank u to our dear writer for giving us this saga of Love, u’ll definitely go a long way girl. :-)

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