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Awesome... if i were there i would...damn XD

Well first of all im fkng jelaous of the father of the MC… and the MC has nerves of diamonds to not grow insane knowing that each girl in the island does it with his father and that he is still small to allow his buddy to work!!! talk about daily torture in a island of naked women!!...

As for the story so far its good... we are seen the MC advancing with life in that new world where most common sense you had in this world can be trashed... I like that the MC wants to not stand out from the others but it wouldnt be good if he dosnt stands out a little bit... its fine that he wants to hide his magic but why bother hiding his money? at least he can show some of it to not appear completely poor but not rich either.

PD: Well i just noticed that we cant comment on the chapters.... and thats absolutely terrible, how will we give you feed back? or we must come here to add more letters to the review???

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