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An eternal love story

It was a wonderful experience reading the story.The writer has gracefully written the chapters which depict the beautiful journey of an eternal love story,an love story which is hard to find now a days & which is so pure & heavenly & based on the unrequited love ...And I must appreciate the writing style of the writer.I was spellbound to see the jugglery of words & the portrayal of emotions. I was lost in their little non-existent dreamy world while reading.It was such a pleasure to read.The author’s deep understanding of the characters is clearly reflected in each chapter .The rich content of the story makes you hooked to it till the end along with the enchanting vocabulary.This is a story for all age groups & I recommend this story to everyone for its realistic nature.I feel this novel deserves to win as it has all the necessary ingredients to be called an amazing novel with a strong storyline and skillful writing.

I really want to thank the organizers of this fandom competitions to encourage these budding writers.

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